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Version: 3.x


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input ProductCreateInput {
attributes: [AttributeValueInput!]
category: ID
chargeTaxes: Boolean
collections: [ID!]
description: JSONString
name: String
slug: String
taxClass: ID
taxCode: String
seo: SeoInput
weight: WeightScalar
rating: Float
metadata: [MetadataInput!]
privateMetadata: [MetadataInput!]
externalReference: String
productType: ID!


ProductCreateInput.attributes ● [AttributeValueInput!] list input

List of attributes.

ProductCreateInput.category ● ID scalar

ID of the product's category.

ProductCreateInput.chargeTaxes ● Boolean scalar

Determine if taxes are being charged for the product.

DEPRECATED: this field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use Channel.taxConfiguration to configure whether tax collection is enabled.

ProductCreateInput.collections ● [ID!] list scalar

List of IDs of collections that the product belongs to.

ProductCreateInput.description ● JSONString scalar

Product description.

Rich text format. For reference see ● String scalar

Product name.

ProductCreateInput.slug ● String scalar

Product slug.

ProductCreateInput.taxClass ● ID scalar

ID of a tax class to assign to this product. If not provided, product will use the tax class which is assigned to the product type.

ProductCreateInput.taxCode ● String scalar

Tax rate for enabled tax gateway.

DEPRECATED: this field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use tax classes to control the tax calculation for a product. If taxCode is provided, Saleor will try to find a tax class with given code (codes are stored in metadata) and assign it. If no tax class is found, it would be created and assigned.

ProductCreateInput.seo ● SeoInput input

Search engine optimization fields.

ProductCreateInput.weight ● WeightScalar scalar

Weight of the Product.

ProductCreateInput.rating ● Float scalar

Defines the product rating value.

ProductCreateInput.metadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Fields required to update the product metadata.

Added in Saleor 3.8

ProductCreateInput.privateMetadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Fields required to update the product private metadata.

Added in Saleor 3.8

ProductCreateInput.externalReference ● String scalar

External ID of this product.

Added in Saleor 3.10

ProductCreateInput.productType ● ID! non-null scalar

ID of the type that product belongs to.

Member of

productCreate mutation

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