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Version: 3.x


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input ProductChannelListingCreateInput {
channelId: ID!
isPublished: Boolean
publishedAt: DateTime
visibleInListings: Boolean
isAvailableForPurchase: Boolean
availableForPurchaseAt: DateTime


ProductChannelListingCreateInput.channelId ● ID! non-null scalar

ID of a channel.

ProductChannelListingCreateInput.isPublished ● Boolean scalar

Determines if object is visible to customers.

ProductChannelListingCreateInput.publishedAt ● DateTime scalar

Publication date time. ISO 8601 standard.

ProductChannelListingCreateInput.visibleInListings ● Boolean scalar

Determines if product is visible in product listings (doesn't apply to product collections).

ProductChannelListingCreateInput.isAvailableForPurchase ● Boolean scalar

Determines if product should be available for purchase in this channel. This does not guarantee the availability of stock. When set to False, this product is still visible to customers, but it cannot be purchased.

ProductChannelListingCreateInput.availableForPurchaseAt ● DateTime scalar

A start date time from which a product will be available for purchase. When not set and isAvailable is set to True, the current day is assumed.

Member of

ProductBulkCreateInput input

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