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Version: 3.x


Initializes a payment gateway session. It triggers the webhook PAYMENT_GATEWAY_INITIALIZE_SESSION, to the requested paymentGateways. If paymentGateways is not provided, the webhook will be send to all subscribed payment gateways.

Added in Saleor 3.13
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.
type PaymentGatewayInitialize {
gatewayConfigs: [PaymentGatewayConfig!]
errors: [PaymentGatewayInitializeError!]!


PaymentGatewayInitialize.gatewayConfigs ● [PaymentGatewayConfig!] list object

List of payment gateway configurations.

PaymentGatewayInitialize.errors ● [PaymentGatewayInitializeError!]! non-null object

Returned by

paymentGatewayInitialize mutation

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