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Version: 3.x


Create new order from existing checkout.

Requires the following permissions: AUTHENTICATED_APPHANDLE_CHECKOUTS
Added in Saleor 3.2

Triggers the following webhook events:

  • SHIPPING_LIST_METHODS_FOR_CHECKOUT (sync): Optionally triggered when cached external shipping methods are invalid.
  • CHECKOUT_FILTER_SHIPPING_METHODS (sync): Optionally triggered when cached filtered shipping methods are invalid.
  • CHECKOUT_CALCULATE_TAXES (sync): Optionally triggered when checkout prices are expired.
  • ORDER_CREATED (async): Triggered when order is created.
  • NOTIFY_USER (async): A notification for order placement.
  • NOTIFY_USER (async): A staff notification for order placement.
  • ORDER_UPDATED (async): Triggered when order received the update after placement.
  • ORDER_PAID (async): Triggered when newly created order is paid.
  • ORDER_FULLY_PAID (async): Triggered when newly created order is fully paid.
  • ORDER_CONFIRMED (async): Optionally triggered when newly created order are automatically marked as confirmed.
type OrderCreateFromCheckout {
order: Order
errors: [OrderCreateFromCheckoutError!]!


OrderCreateFromCheckout.order ● Order object

Placed order.

OrderCreateFromCheckout.errors ● [OrderCreateFromCheckoutError!]! non-null object

Returned by

orderCreateFromCheckout mutation

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