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Version: 3.x


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input DraftOrderCreateInput {
billingAddress: AddressInput
user: ID
userEmail: String
discount: PositiveDecimal
shippingAddress: AddressInput
shippingMethod: ID
voucher: ID
voucherCode: String
customerNote: String
channelId: ID
redirectUrl: String
externalReference: String
lines: [OrderLineCreateInput!]


DraftOrderCreateInput.billingAddress ● AddressInput input

Billing address of the customer.

DraftOrderCreateInput.user ● ID scalar

Customer associated with the draft order.

DraftOrderCreateInput.userEmail ● String scalar

Email address of the customer. ● PositiveDecimal scalar

Discount amount for the order.

DraftOrderCreateInput.shippingAddress ● AddressInput input

Shipping address of the customer.

DraftOrderCreateInput.shippingMethod ● ID scalar

ID of a selected shipping method.

DraftOrderCreateInput.voucher ● ID scalar

ID of the voucher associated with the order.

DraftOrderCreateInput.voucherCode ● String scalar

A code of the voucher associated with the order.

Added in Saleor 3.18

DraftOrderCreateInput.customerNote ● String scalar

A note from a customer. Visible by customers in the order summary.

DraftOrderCreateInput.channelId ● ID scalar

ID of the channel associated with the order.

DraftOrderCreateInput.redirectUrl ● String scalar

URL of a view where users should be redirected to see the order details. URL in RFC 1808 format.

DraftOrderCreateInput.externalReference ● String scalar

External ID of this order.

Added in Saleor 3.10

DraftOrderCreateInput.lines ● [OrderLineCreateInput!] list input

Variant line input consisting of variant ID and quantity of products.

Member of

draftOrderCreate mutation

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