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Version: 3.x


Represents the channel-specific checkout settings.

Added in Saleor 3.15
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.
type CheckoutSettings {
useLegacyErrorFlow: Boolean!


CheckoutSettings.useLegacyErrorFlow ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Default true. Determines if the checkout mutations should use legacy error flow. In legacy flow, all mutations can raise an exception unrelated to the requested action - (e.g. out-of-stock exception when updating checkoutShippingAddress.) If false, the errors will be aggregated in checkout.problems field. Some of the problems can block the finalizing checkout process. The legacy flow will be removed in Saleor 4.0. The flow with checkout.problems will be the default one.

Added in Saleor 3.15.This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0

Member of

Channel object

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