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Version: 3.x


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interface PromotionEventInterface {
id: ID!
date: DateTime!
type: PromotionEventsEnum!
createdBy: UserOrApp

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Date when event happened.

PromotionEventInterface.type ● PromotionEventsEnum! non-null enum

Promotion event type.

PromotionEventInterface.createdBy ● UserOrApp union

User or App that created the promotion event.

Requires one of the following permissions: MANAGE_STAFFMANAGE_APPSOWNER

Implemented by

PromotionCreatedEvent object ● PromotionEndedEvent object ● PromotionRuleCreatedEvent object ● PromotionRuleDeletedEvent object ● PromotionRuleUpdatedEvent object ● PromotionStartedEvent object ● PromotionUpdatedEvent object

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