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Version: 3.x


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input PromotionRuleCreateInput {
name: String
description: JSON
cataloguePredicate: CataloguePredicateInput
rewardValueType: RewardValueTypeEnum
rewardValue: PositiveDecimal
channels: [ID!]
promotion: ID!

Fields ● String scalar

Promotion rule name.

PromotionRuleCreateInput.description ● JSON scalar

Promotion rule description.

PromotionRuleCreateInput.cataloguePredicate ● CataloguePredicateInput input

Defines the conditions on the catalogue level that must be met for the reward to be applied.

PromotionRuleCreateInput.rewardValueType ● RewardValueTypeEnum enum

Defines the promotion rule reward value type. Must be provided together with reward value.

PromotionRuleCreateInput.rewardValue ● PositiveDecimal scalar

Defines the discount value. Required when catalogue predicate is provided.

PromotionRuleCreateInput.channels ● [ID!] list scalar

List of channel ids to which the rule should apply to.

PromotionRuleCreateInput.promotion ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the promotion that rule belongs to.

Member of

promotionRuleCreate mutation

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