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Version: 3.x


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input GiftCardFilterInput {
isActive: Boolean
metadata: [MetadataFilter!]
tags: [String!]
products: [ID!]
usedBy: [ID!]
used: Boolean
currency: String
currentBalance: PriceRangeInput
initialBalance: PriceRangeInput
code: String
createdByEmail: String


GiftCardFilterInput.isActive ● Boolean scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.metadata ● [MetadataFilter!] list input

GiftCardFilterInput.tags ● [String!] list scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.products ● [ID!] list scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.usedBy ● [ID!] list scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.used ● Boolean scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.currency ● String scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.currentBalance ● PriceRangeInput input

GiftCardFilterInput.initialBalance ● PriceRangeInput input

GiftCardFilterInput.code ● String scalar

GiftCardFilterInput.createdByEmail ● String scalar

Member of

ExportGiftCardsInput input ● giftCards query

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