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Version: 3.x


Represents voucher channel listing.

type VoucherChannelListing implements Node {
id: ID!
channel: Channel!
discountValue: Float!
currency: String!
minSpent: Money

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of channel listing. ● Channel! non-null object

The channel in which voucher can be applied.

VoucherChannelListing.discountValue ● Float! non-null scalar

The value of the discount on voucher in a channel.

VoucherChannelListing.currency ● String! non-null scalar

Currency code for voucher in a channel.

VoucherChannelListing.minSpent ● Money object

Minimum order value for voucher to apply in channel.


Node interface

An object with an ID

Member of

Voucher object

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