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Version: 3.x


Represents sale's original translatable fields and related translations.

DEPRECATED: this type will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use PromotionTranslatableContent instead.

type SaleTranslatableContent implements Node {
id: ID!
name: String!
translation(languageCode: LanguageCodeEnum!): SaleTranslation
sale: Sale @deprecated

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the sale translatable content. ● String! non-null scalar

Name of the sale to translate.

SaleTranslatableContent.translation ● SaleTranslation object

Returns translated sale fields for the given language code.

SaleTranslatableContent.translation.languageCode ● LanguageCodeEnum! non-null enum

A language code to return the translation for sale. ● Sale deprecated object


This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Get model fields from the root level queries.

Sales allow creating discounts for categories, collections or products and are visible to all the customers.

Requires MANAGE_DISCOUNTSpermission.


Node interface

An object with an ID

Implemented by

TranslatableItem union

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