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Version: 3.x


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input SaleInput {
name: String
type: DiscountValueTypeEnum
value: PositiveDecimal
products: [ID!]
variants: [ID!]
categories: [ID!]
collections: [ID!]
startDate: DateTime
endDate: DateTime

Fields ● String scalar

Voucher name.

SaleInput.type ● DiscountValueTypeEnum enum

Fixed or percentage.

SaleInput.value ● PositiveDecimal scalar

Value of the voucher.

SaleInput.products ● [ID!] list scalar

Products related to the discount.

SaleInput.variants ● [ID!] list scalar

SaleInput.categories ● [ID!] list scalar

Categories related to the discount.

SaleInput.collections ● [ID!] list scalar

Collections related to the discount.

SaleInput.startDate ● DateTime scalar

Start date of the voucher in ISO 8601 format.

SaleInput.endDate ● DateTime scalar

End date of the voucher in ISO 8601 format.

Member of

saleCreate mutation ● saleUpdate mutation

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