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Version: 3.x


Where filtering options.

Added in Saleor 3.11
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.
input AttributeWhereInput {
metadata: [MetadataFilter!]
ids: [ID!]
name: StringFilterInput
slug: StringFilterInput
withChoices: Boolean
inputType: AttributeInputTypeEnumFilterInput
entityType: AttributeEntityTypeEnumFilterInput
type: AttributeTypeEnumFilterInput
unit: MeasurementUnitsEnumFilterInput
inCollection: ID
inCategory: ID
valueRequired: Boolean
visibleInStorefront: Boolean
filterableInDashboard: Boolean
AND: [AttributeWhereInput!]
OR: [AttributeWhereInput!]


AttributeWhereInput.metadata ● [MetadataFilter!] list input

AttributeWhereInput.ids ● [ID!] list scalar ● StringFilterInput input

AttributeWhereInput.slug ● StringFilterInput input

AttributeWhereInput.withChoices ● Boolean scalar

AttributeWhereInput.inputType ● AttributeInputTypeEnumFilterInput input

AttributeWhereInput.entityType ● AttributeEntityTypeEnumFilterInput input

AttributeWhereInput.type ● AttributeTypeEnumFilterInput input

AttributeWhereInput.unit ● MeasurementUnitsEnumFilterInput input

AttributeWhereInput.inCollection ● ID scalar

AttributeWhereInput.inCategory ● ID scalar

AttributeWhereInput.valueRequired ● Boolean scalar

AttributeWhereInput.visibleInStorefront ● Boolean scalar

AttributeWhereInput.filterableInDashboard ● Boolean scalar

AttributeWhereInput.AND ● [AttributeWhereInput!] list input

List of conditions that must be met.

AttributeWhereInput.OR ● [AttributeWhereInput!] list input

A list of conditions of which at least one must be met.

Member of

attributes query ● AttributeWhereInput input

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