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Version: 3.x


Represents app data.

type App implements Node, ObjectWithMetadata {
id: ID!
privateMetadata: [MetadataItem!]!
privateMetafield(key: String!): String
privateMetafields(keys: [String!]): Metadata
metadata: [MetadataItem!]!
metafield(key: String!): String
metafields(keys: [String!]): Metadata
permissions: [Permission!]
created: DateTime
isActive: Boolean
name: String
type: AppTypeEnum
tokens: [AppToken!]
webhooks: [Webhook!]
aboutApp: String
dataPrivacy: String @deprecated
dataPrivacyUrl: String
homepageUrl: String
supportUrl: String
configurationUrl: String @deprecated
appUrl: String
manifestUrl: String
version: String
accessToken: String
author: String
extensions: [AppExtension!]!
brand: AppBrand
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Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the app.

App.privateMetadata ● [MetadataItem!]! non-null object

List of private metadata items. Requires staff permissions to access.

App.privateMetafield ● String scalar

A single key from private metadata. Requires staff permissions to access.

Tip: Use GraphQL aliases to fetch multiple keys.

Added in Saleor 3.3
App.privateMetafield.key ● String! non-null scalar

App.privateMetafields ● Metadata scalar

Private metadata. Requires staff permissions to access. Use keys to control which fields you want to include. The default is to include everything.

Added in Saleor 3.3
App.privateMetafields.keys ● [String!] list scalar

App.metadata ● [MetadataItem!]! non-null object

List of public metadata items. Can be accessed without permissions.

App.metafield ● String scalar

A single key from public metadata.

Tip: Use GraphQL aliases to fetch multiple keys.

Added in Saleor 3.3
App.metafield.key ● String! non-null scalar

App.metafields ● Metadata scalar

Public metadata. Use keys to control which fields you want to include. The default is to include everything.

Added in Saleor 3.3
App.metafields.keys ● [String!] list scalar

App.permissions ● [Permission!] list object

List of the app's permissions.

App.created ● DateTime scalar

The date and time when the app was created.

App.isActive ● Boolean scalar

Determine if app will be set active or not. ● String scalar

Name of the app.

App.type ● AppTypeEnum enum

Type of the app.

App.tokens ● [AppToken!] list object

Last 4 characters of the tokens.

Requires one of the following permissions: MANAGE_APPSOWNER

App.webhooks ● [Webhook!] list object

List of webhooks assigned to this app.

Requires one of the following permissions: MANAGE_APPSOWNER

App.aboutApp ● String scalar

Description of this app.

App.dataPrivacy ● String deprecated scalar


This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use dataPrivacyUrl instead.

Description of the data privacy defined for this app.

App.dataPrivacyUrl ● String scalar

URL to details about the privacy policy on the app owner page.

App.homepageUrl ● String scalar

Homepage of the app.

App.supportUrl ● String scalar

Support page for the app.

App.configurationUrl ● String deprecated scalar


This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use appUrl instead.

URL to iframe with the configuration for the app.

App.appUrl ● String scalar

URL to iframe with the app.

App.manifestUrl ● String scalar

URL to manifest used during app's installation.

Added in Saleor 3.5

App.version ● String scalar

Version number of the app.

App.accessToken ● String scalar

JWT token used to authenticate by thridparty app. ● String scalar

The App's author name.

Added in Saleor 3.13
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.

App.extensions ● [AppExtension!]! non-null object

App's dashboard extensions.

Added in Saleor 3.1

App.brand ● AppBrand object

App's brand data.

Added in Saleor 3.14
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.


Node interface

An object with an ID

ObjectWithMetadata interface

Returned by

app query

Member of

AccountChangeEmailRequested object ● AccountConfirmationRequested object ● AccountConfirmed object ● AccountDeleted object ● AccountDeleteRequested object ● AccountEmailChanged object ● AccountSetPasswordRequested object ● AddressCreated object ● AddressDeleted object ● AddressUpdated object ● AppActivate object ● AppCountableEdge object ● AppCreate object ● AppDeactivate object ● AppDelete object ● AppDeleted object ● AppExtension object ● AppInstalled object ● AppStatusChanged object ● AppUpdate object ● AppUpdated object ● AttributeCreated object ● AttributeDeleted object ● AttributeUpdated object ● AttributeValueCreated object ● AttributeValueDeleted object ● AttributeValueUpdated object ● CalculateTaxes object ● CategoryCreated object ● CategoryDeleted object ● CategoryUpdated object ● ChannelCreated object ● ChannelDeleted object ● ChannelMetadataUpdated object ● ChannelStatusChanged object ● ChannelUpdated object ● CheckoutCreated object ● CheckoutFilterShippingMethods object ● CheckoutFullyPaid object ● CheckoutMetadataUpdated object ● CheckoutUpdated object ● CollectionCreated object ● CollectionDeleted object ● CollectionMetadataUpdated object ● CollectionUpdated object ● CustomerCreated object ● CustomerEvent object ● CustomerMetadataUpdated object ● CustomerUpdated object ● DraftOrderCreated object ● DraftOrderDeleted object ● DraftOrderUpdated object ● Event interface ● ExportEvent object ● ExportFile object ● FulfillmentApproved object ● FulfillmentCanceled object ● FulfillmentCreated object ● FulfillmentMetadataUpdated object ● FulfillmentTrackingNumberUpdated object ● GiftCard object ● GiftCardCreated object ● GiftCardDeleted object ● GiftCardEvent object ● GiftCardExportCompleted object ● GiftCardMetadataUpdated object ● GiftCardSent object ● GiftCardStatusChanged object ● GiftCardUpdated object ● InvoiceDeleted object ● InvoiceRequested object ● InvoiceSent object ● ListStoredPaymentMethods object ● MenuCreated object ● MenuDeleted object ● MenuItemCreated object ● MenuItemDeleted object ● MenuItemUpdated object ● MenuUpdated object ● OrderBulkCreated object ● OrderCancelled object ● OrderConfirmed object ● OrderCreated object ● OrderEvent object ● OrderExpired object ● OrderFilterShippingMethods object ● OrderFulfilled object ● OrderFullyPaid object ● OrderFullyRefunded object ● OrderGrantedRefund object ● OrderMetadataUpdated object ● OrderPaid object ● OrderRefunded object ● OrderUpdated object ● PageCreated object ● PageDeleted object ● PageTypeCreated object ● PageTypeDeleted object ● PageTypeUpdated object ● PageUpdated object ● PaymentAuthorize object ● PaymentCaptureEvent object ● PaymentConfirmEvent object ● PaymentGatewayInitializeSession object ● PaymentGatewayInitializeTokenizationSession object ● PaymentListGateways object ● PaymentMethodInitializeTokenizationSession object ● PaymentMethodProcessTokenizationSession object ● PaymentProcessEvent object ● PaymentRefundEvent object ● PaymentVoidEvent object ● PermissionGroupCreated object ● PermissionGroupDeleted object ● PermissionGroupUpdated object ● ProductCreated object ● ProductDeleted object ● ProductExportCompleted object ● ProductMediaCreated object ● ProductMediaDeleted object ● ProductMediaUpdated object ● ProductMetadataUpdated object ● ProductUpdated object ● ProductVariantBackInStock object ● ProductVariantCreated object ● ProductVariantDeleted object ● ProductVariantMetadataUpdated object ● ProductVariantOutOfStock object ● ProductVariantStockUpdated object ● ProductVariantUpdated object ● SaleCreated object ● SaleDeleted object ● SaleToggle object ● SaleUpdated object ● ShippingListMethodsForCheckout object ● ShippingPriceCreated object ● ShippingPriceDeleted object ● ShippingPriceUpdated object ● ShippingZoneCreated object ● ShippingZoneDeleted object ● ShippingZoneMetadataUpdated object ● ShippingZoneUpdated object ● ShopMetadataUpdated object ● StaffCreated object ● StaffDeleted object ● StaffSetPasswordRequested object ● StaffUpdated object ● StoredPaymentMethodDeleteRequested object ● ThumbnailCreated object ● TransactionCancelationRequested object ● TransactionChargeRequested object ● TransactionInitializeSession object ● TransactionItemMetadataUpdated object ● TransactionProcessSession object ● TransactionRefundRequested object ● TranslationCreated object ● TranslationUpdated object ● VoucherCreated object ● VoucherDeleted object ● VoucherMetadataUpdated object ● VoucherUpdated object ● WarehouseCreated object ● WarehouseDeleted object ● WarehouseMetadataUpdated object ● WarehouseUpdated object ● Webhook object

Implemented by

_Entity union ● IssuingPrincipal union ● UserOrApp union

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