Version: 2.9.0


The Home page is the welcome screen of your dashboard. It appears when you log in to the system and gives you a quick overview of recent activity in your store. Refresh your browser to update the statistics.

Dashboard home

The page consists of the following cards:

Sales and orders overview#

Get a quick summary of the number of orders for the current day and the running total value of sales.

Orders, payments, and out of stocks#

This card gives an overview of the total number of orders yet to be fulfilled and payments awaiting capture. Clicking each link gives you a breakdown of individual orders and payments. You can also see a total number of products that are out of stock and click the link to see a detailed list.

Top products#

Identify and understand the trends in your product sales through a handy overview of daily top sellers. Click on individual products to manage inventory.


The activity card gives you a quick summary of all actions taken by your Saleor system; orders which have been placed, fulfilled and canceled, and details of payment processing.

Dark Mode

If you prefer to work in dark mode, simply click on the sun/moon switch in the top right of the screen and you can toggle back and forth as you wish.

Dark mode