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Version: 2.11

Using Saleor

About the dashboard

The Saleor 2.0 dashboard is the administration panel behind your storefront. In a nutshell, it is for managing people, products, and processes:

  • People: Assign and manage staff within your system
  • Products: Add, change, display, and delete digital and physical inventory
  • Processes: Manage important e-commerce elements like taxes, payments, and shipping

Dashboard sections

The dashboard is split into sections where you can complete different tasks. The whole experience is designed by our UX experts to be intuitive and simple. We believe that you will find that your Saleor store is easy to manage, but these instructions are for those moments when you get stuck, and can help you get the most from your store. A little time reading them now will make a huge difference to how effectively you use Saleor.

The dashboard has the following sections:

  • Home: A handy overview of recent activity and performance
  • Catalog: Your products, viewed individually or grouped by collection or category
  • Orders: A full view of current and past orders
  • Customers: Your customer database, with specific details for each buyer
  • Discounts: Give your customers great sales offers or discount vouchers
  • Apps: Install and manage external applications and integration
  • Translations: Translate dynamic content in your Saleor store
  • Configuration: Manage all the administration elements of your dashboard and processes like tax automation and shipping

Most sections of the dashboard consist of two types of views:

  • List of records - This view displays a list of existing records in Saleor. Some of these views allow you to filter the records or manage the column settings. Most of the views also allow you to set the number of list items displayed on the page (number of rows). Most of the list views are equipped with a search bar. You can search by different elements, depending on the page (list) you are browsing.

  • Record details - This view is displayed when you select one of the records on the list view. This page provides more details on the selected record.

How to

How to set up your account

The first thing you need to do is set up a master account for your store — sometimes called an Admin Account or a Superuser Account. This is done by your developer when forking the platform and setting up your iteration of Saleor. You just need to supply the developer with the details of your main administrator and the setup password.

How to access your dashboard

Once you have your store, you can access the administration panel by:

  • Clicking dashboard on the right side of the top navigation bar of your store’s front page
  • Entering www.YOURSTORENAME/dashboard into the web browser

You will then be asked to input the email address and password you used to create your superuser account. Each new user can access the dashboard the same way using their unique credentials.

How to reset your password

In case you forget your password, the dashboard login page allows you to reset it in few simple steps:

  • Click the password recovery link on the login page and provide the same email address used when creating your account.

    A message will be send to that address with a link redirecting you to a password change page.

  • Once you input your new password, you will be directed back to the login page where you can use it to log in.