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Version: 2.11


Using vouchers in Saleor

Vouchers allow you to give all your customers or selected shoppers a great deal on a specific product or order. Users get a voucher code via email, or on social media or your website, which they can they activate at the checkout when making a purchase.

Voucher page

How to

How to add a voucher offer

1. Enter the Create Voucher view

Click Create Voucher above the main list on the vouchers page to get started.

2. Add general information

There are two options to give your voucher a name:

  • Type a name, for example, ‘BlackFridayVoucher’ into the Discount Code field
  • Click Generate Code to create a randomized voucher code

3. Choose discount type

Choose if your voucher is:

  • Fixed Amount: A specific dollar-amount discount on one or all products
  • Percentage: A percentage discount on all products in an order or only the least expensive one
  • Free Shipping: No shipping charge for all items in an order

4. Input voucher value

Input the fixed amount or percentage discount value of the voucher.

5. Choose single or multiple products

Decide whether the fixed-value or percentage-value voucher applies to all products in an order or only to the cheapest one.

6. Apply discount to all products or only full price products

You can decide if your offer applies to products which are already discounted in other sales or if it only covers full price products. Check the slider to choose the right option.

7. Set minimum requirements

Vouchers are a great upselling opportunity. You can choose a minimum order value or quantity of products that customers must reach before the voucher can be applied, or you can choose None and apply the voucher to all products.

8. Set usage limit

Choose the total number of vouchers available to all customers. You can create single vouchers for specific customers, a wider offer in limited numbers, or an unlimited number of vouchers for a set period of time.

Choose if each customer (defined by e-mail address) can use the voucher only once or multiple times.

9. Choose the dates

Leave the start date blank in Active Dates card if you want the offer to start immediately. Similarly, leave the end date blank if the voucher will remain valid indefinitely. If the offer is for a specific time, input the start and/or end dates and times.

How to edit or remove vouchers

Click on any voucher from the main list to edit it.

To remove vouchers, click the checkbox on the main list and then use the trash can icon, or enter the voucher and click Delete in the footer.