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Version: 2.11

Staff Members

Manage your employees and their permissions. The Staff Members page gives you an alphabetized list of all people who have administrative access to your dashboard.

Staff members list

Account status

New users are automatically active in the system. To deactivate a user’s access without deleting the account, uncheck the User is Active box in the Account Status card.

How to

How to set permissions

Use the Permissions card to select the permission groups the user is assigned to. See Permission Groups for instructions on how to manage your permission groups.

Staff member permissions


You can only manage groups (including adding and removing members) that grant a subset of your effective permissions. This is a security precaution that prevents users from escalating their permissions beyond what was explicitly granted.

How to add staff members

Click Add Staff Member above the list of users. Fill in the first and last name of the new staff member and the email address to which any notifications will be sent.

Staff members details

How to edit or delete users

To edit a user account, access it from the staff members list, make any relevant changes, and then click Save in the footer.

To delete a user, click Delete on the left side of the footer and then confirm the removal.