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Version: 2.11

Site Settings


This page allows you to enter the basic information about your store. Some of the information will be visible to your customers.

General information

View and update general information about your store. Here, you can control how your site information appears online.

General information configuration

The text you input to the Name of your store field will appear in the web browser tabs.

Store name displayed by browser

The URL of your online store should match that which you will send to customers and web browsers.

The Store Description is SEO information that will appear in browser results listing your site, so make sure it has clear, useful copy about your store and its products.

Company information

This card allows you to enter basic information about your company (name, address, phone number).

Authentication keys

You can allow dashboard users to enter your store through Google and Facebook and add additional security keys to ensure site security.

How to

How to add authentication keys

  1. Click Add key at the top right of the Authentication Keys card
  2. Select Facebook or Google in the Authentication Type field of the pop-up window
  3. Create a key and password, which users will enter when accessing the dashboard through the chosen platform
  4. Click Add Authentication to confirm

Authorization keys