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Version: 2.11



This page allows you to create and display informational content about your store, your team, terms and conditions, privacy information, and other useful details.

This content is usually placed in the footer of your main storefront page.

These simple text pages enhance the image of your business and sometimes contain essential legal information you need to communicate to customers.

How to

How to add a page

1. Adding a page

To add a page, click the Pages tile in the Configuration section of the dashboard menu. Click Create Page at the top right corner.

New page creation

2. Provide general information

Fill in the title of the page, as it will appear in the footer of your store. Keep it short, preferably just a word or two.

Add the content that the page will contain. This may be a simple description of your store or a full terms and conditions section. Use the word processor formatting tools to adjust font sizes, add hyperlinks, and style the page as you want it to appear.

New page displayed by the site

3. Search engine preview

Click Edit Website SEO to add a description that will appear in web searches.

4. URL

If you leave the URL card empty, the title of the page will be added to your normal site URL after a slash. You can change the site address after the slash by typing it into the URL field.

5. Visibility

You can choose if your page is published or not. Use the switch in the Visibility card to make it visible or hidden.


You can set a future date when the page will be published. Use the Publish on field to specify a publishing date.

How to delete a page

To delete a page, in the main list of existing pages, click the checkbox next to the page name you want to remove, then click the trash can icon.

Alternatively, you can enter the page you want to delete and then click Remove in the footer.