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Saleor is an open-source project which means all of its code is publicly available.

However, the fastest way to try out Saleor is by utilizing a free developer plan in Saleor Cloud. The free account will get you running in under a minute. We highly encourage you to use it to familiarize yourself with the platform even if you plan to eventually host Saleor yourself.

Explore the features and pricing of Saleor Cloud.

Getting started

There are two ways to interact with Saleor Cloud:

Using Saleor CLI

Saleor CLI is a command-line tool that allows you to quickly utilize the features of the Saleor platform. In its documentation, you can find the list of all the supported actions, as well as the installation instructions.

Creating an account

To create a new Saleor Cloud account, run the following command:

saleor register

The command will open a browser window with a registration form. Fill in the required fields and come back to the CLI.

After you have registered your account, you can log in using the following command:

saleor login

Creating an organization


Currently, it is not possible to create an organization through Saleor CLI.

If you are not invited to an existing organization, please open the Saleor Cloud dashboard after registration. As every user must be assigned to an organization, you should see the organization creation form right away.

Once you fill it, you can come back to the CLI.

Creating a project

The last missing piece is a project. To create a new one, run the following command:

saleor project create

Now that you have an account, an organization, and a project, you can start exploring the Saleor features.

We suggest heading to Quickstart to create your first Saleor application.