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input TaxConfigurationUpdateInput {
chargeTaxes: Boolean
taxCalculationStrategy: TaxCalculationStrategy
displayGrossPrices: Boolean
pricesEnteredWithTax: Boolean
updateCountriesConfiguration: [TaxConfigurationPerCountryInput!]
removeCountriesConfiguration: [CountryCode!]
taxAppId: String


TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.chargeTaxes ● Boolean scalar miscellaneous

Determines whether taxes are charged in the given channel.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.taxCalculationStrategy ● TaxCalculationStrategy enum taxes

The default strategy to use for tax calculation in the given channel. Taxes can be calculated either using user-defined flat rates or with a tax app. Empty value means that no method is selected and taxes are not calculated.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.displayGrossPrices ● Boolean scalar miscellaneous

Determines whether displayed prices should include taxes.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.pricesEnteredWithTax ● Boolean scalar miscellaneous

Determines whether prices are entered with the tax included.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.updateCountriesConfiguration ● [TaxConfigurationPerCountryInput!] list input taxes

List of tax country configurations to create or update (identified by a country code).

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.removeCountriesConfiguration ● [CountryCode!] list enum miscellaneous

List of country codes for which to remove the tax configuration.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.taxAppId ● String scalar miscellaneous

The tax app App.identifier that will be used to calculate the taxes for the given channel. Empty value for TAX_APP set as taxCalculationStrategy means that Saleor will iterate over all installed tax apps. If multiple tax apps exist with provided tax app id use the App with newest created date. It's possible to set plugin by using prefix plugin: with PLUGIN_ID e.g. with Avalara plugin:mirumee.taxes.avalara.Will become mandatory in 4.0 for TAX_APP taxCalculationStrategy.

Added in Saleor 3.19

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taxConfigurationUpdate mutation