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input CheckoutCreateInput {
channel: String
lines: [CheckoutLineInput!]!
email: String
shippingAddress: AddressInput
billingAddress: AddressInput
languageCode: LanguageCodeEnum
validationRules: CheckoutValidationRules

Fields ● String scalar miscellaneous

Slug of a channel in which to create a checkout.

CheckoutCreateInput.lines ● [CheckoutLineInput!]! non-null input checkout

A list of checkout lines, each containing information about an item in the checkout. ● String scalar miscellaneous

The customer's email address.

CheckoutCreateInput.shippingAddress ● AddressInput input miscellaneous

The mailing address to where the checkout will be shipped. Note: the address will be ignored if the checkout doesn't contain shippable items. skipValidation requires HANDLE_CHECKOUTS and AUTHENTICATED_APP permissions.

CheckoutCreateInput.billingAddress ● AddressInput input miscellaneous

Billing address of the customer. skipValidation requires HANDLE_CHECKOUTS and AUTHENTICATED_APP permissions.

CheckoutCreateInput.languageCode ● LanguageCodeEnum enum miscellaneous

Checkout language code.

CheckoutCreateInput.validationRules ● CheckoutValidationRules input checkout

The checkout validation rules that can be changed.

Added in Saleor 3.5

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